Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Use the things you love

Everyone has received  the emails that go around about waiting for a special occasion or holiday to use the good dishes or only wearing the “expensive with perfume” when going out to nice places.  Each of these stories end up waiting too long and then it is too late.
Hold on there, this is not a gloom and doom  story.
I have been working on fixing up my art studio, making it one of my favorite places to be.  After my mom passed away I received a few vintage pieces that I remember seeing and being around when I was a little girl.  Instead of wrapping them up nicely and saving them for who knows what, I came up with ideas how to incorporate all the special  things that I loved looking at and using them.
The stein in the photo I made for my Dad in 1975.  The stein is perfect for some of my paint brushes and the rest of the brushes  go into the soup can pencil holder that my son made when he was little and a coffee cup that I was given for being The Best Team Mom in Little League.  I don’t remember where the pitcher came from but I love it and it is the new home for my Prismacolors. 
Being surrounded by  wonderful things could not be a better environment for creating and relaxing.
Of course there are certain things that are unavoidable having around when you are trying to create.
The “Boss” himself
I also use the good china as my everyday dishes.  That is when I am not using paper plates LOL!
Create a space that is happy and healing.


  1. I wish I had good china! LOL We use paper plates a lot, expecially this week with no power for most of it!

  2. I love your space!!!! Quaint, warm and cozy like Kirby!!!

  3. YAY for using the GOOD STUFF!