Friday, September 30, 2011

Starting a new adventure…

It is the last day of September of 2011.  This past month has been interestingly enough one of the happiest months I have had in a long time. Happy is not the correct word to use here, I would strike that and call it Joy.  Joy is something that comes from God, and happiness is a feeling that depends on a circumstance.  Happiness can come and go with the change of the seasons, but Joy embraces every fiber of your being even if you have diagnosed with Lupus or been in Chronic Pain for years or whatever else life can throw at you.

This past month I have been pursuing my passion.  For the last couple of years I was getting into making greeting cards and found it was something I really could take or leave, there was no passion behind it at all.  I rediscovered my love of painting, in any form with anything. I read an article in Somerset Studios that led me to find Suzi Blu.  From her first wacky video I was hooked and have not stopped.  One of her first assignments in her newest workshop was to draw a “false friend”.  Keeping in mind this is not supposed to be a pretty portrait, here is my false friend.  She has some flaws, she talks out of both sides of her neck and her pig nose represents a scripture that talks about swine.  I had fun with this, it was almost freeing in a way.

false friend

With the false friend behind me, I started sketching and painting.  Keeping a journal of Processes and I will make one more journal for  fine art as it comes along. I have tapped into something that was screaming to come out.  Yep, I have to use lines and graphs to make things come out even, I have erased and started over and erased again and I don’t care.  I am just having a ball. This gal will end up with hair and clothes at some point.

portrait 1

Stay tuned as the journey progresses and in the meantime, find your passion or bliss and pursue the heck out of it.

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